February 22, 2010

Did you have a good weekend? I did!

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Did everyone have a good weekend? I love Saturday nights, but I hate getting up in the morning on Sunday. ¬†I think Sundays depress me more than Mondays…… although I love a rainy Sunday ūüôā It was a beautiful weekend here in London, Ontario (where I live!) I didn’t really take advantage of the sunny days as I only went out during the nights. I had a great weekend though! Friday I went to Call the Office (a local bar/concert place) to see Shad (who happened to go to my high school… CENTRAL… represent!) The concert was amazing!! It was very small and intimate and there were 2 great opening acts- Two Crown King (another local band) and Grand Analog ¬†(from¬†Winnipeg). ¬†The show was great! I took some pictures, but as you can see below they aren’t the greatest…. oh well. I also decided to bring my new camera with me (It’s the dual screen Samsung ST550!) It’s suppose to take high definition/resolution (whatever?) videos, so I thought I would test it out. If I can figure out how to add a video I will do so (let me know what you think!) ¬†Saturday (during the day) was pretty much a write off as I slept most of it away (the concert went late the night before.) But Saturday night was fun! We (my bf Justin, and friends Ben and Amy) went out to dinner downtown (Crabby Joe’s… nothing spectacular) but it was a lot of fun! They are a great couple to hang out with. ¬†I had some nice Masi Italian wine, cant remember what it was called though….. Afterwards we met at Yuk Yuk’s as my boyfriend had won 25 tickets (for FREE!) We met a bunch of old friends (and new friends) there and we had a good laugh (Justin was in tears!) The one guy was just too funny. I can’t remember his name, but I’ll ask Justin when he gets home. (He got called out to an emergency for work in Paris Ontario). Which brings me to my Sunday….. my lonely Sunday because my boyfriend had to work last minute…. oh well, it`s kind of peaceful being at home by yourself! ¬† I seem to be rambling on a bit (I do that a lot). Anyway, I just wanted to update my blog with a bit of my weekend, and see what my reader’s have been up to. (Hopefully I have a couple readers by now!) Please leave a comment if you wish to share anything fun you did this weekend! ¬† I will leave you with some concert photos, and possibly some videos (if I can figure it out!)


My friend Amy and I enjoying Shad at Call the Office in London, Ontario. 02.19.10

My boyfriend Justin and me at Call the Office in London, Ontario. 02.19.10

Two Crown King at Call the Office in London, Ontario. 02.19.10

Grand Analog at Call the Office in London, Ontario. 02.19.10

Shad at Call the Office in London, Ontario. 02.19.10

I figured out videos! Here are a couple!!!

Two Crown King performing a cover of Run This Town (Jay-Z, Rihanna & Kanye West) 02.19.10

A Freestyle by Shad & Grand Analog 02.19.10