February 24, 2010

Save Money With Smart Canucks!

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I came across what might be the best website in the history of the Internet. I’m not joking. Founded by ‘Boo Radley’ in 2006, Smart Canucks was one of the first all Canadian deals and shopping sites.

I was ‘googling’ (now I’ll stick to Swagbucks though- thanks to SC) something to find an online savings code to order pizza or something when I saw Smart Canucks. It lead to to a blog that was filled with deals (all Canadian friendly!!) These deals were for food, baby products, shopping, events, and more! This was my kind of site! I then noticed that there was a forum. A forum is a place for people who share common interests to get together (online) and share tips/tricks/brags etc. about a certain topic. There are forums for computers, cars, shoes, and more.  The forum was all about freebies, shopping deals, contests, coupons (and so much more!) This was my kind of place! Sign me up! I instantly signed myself up for an account (my name on the forum is meguwo.)  This was in May of 2009.

For the next few months I spent a lot of my time just checking out the blog (where they showcase the big deals and savings!) I didn’t really dive into the forum until the end of Summer, 2009. I was sure missing out though! The forum is incredible. Not only is it filled with savings ideas, it is full of the most amazing people.  I was a member a forum before and I found a lot of people to be pretty conceited, and not really care about other members. They would poke fun of you if you made a spelling mistake (not cool… it happens!) Smart Canucks is the opposite. Everyone was SO helpful and SO nice and SO caring. Not a day went by that I would get a rep from someone telling me to have a great day, or something like that. (A rep is a way of acknowledging a post as being helpful, or something along those lines.)  I was shocked how amazing each member was.

Smart Canucks is all about its members. It’s success counts on each member posting deals that they have seen or might know about. Someone might say- oh this item is on sale this week at Wal-Mart for $2 regular $6- make sure to use the $2 off coupon that you can find (wherever it might be found) and you can get it free! It’s amazing the kinds of deals you can find when there are 75,000+ people out looking.  Do you need free shipping codes? What about some free samples in the mail? Do you want to read reviews on stores before you shop there? Do you want to join a coupon train (exchanging coupons you don’t want for ones you might want that other people don’t- I hope that made sense!!) It is SUCH a great site- not even a site- a COMMUNITY! Any question you need answered, any help you might need- anything at all- there is always someone there to help!!! You can also contribute to the site! It is so much fun! It’s like a second family!

Just a little big about Swagbucks (thanks to SC I found this site!) It’s like google- but you win Swagbucks for doing internet searches! Once you have so many Swagbucks you can cash them in for FREE STUFF! It’s amazing! Why not get paid to do your searches? Some SC member get up to $500 a year back in Swagbucks! WOW!

You really need to check out Smart Canucks. It will change your life.

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February 9, 2010

My First Post/Blog?

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This is Me!

Hello everyone! I decided to do something with my life and I guess that means starting a blog? Not too sure about all of this, but I am giving it a shot. My twitter friends suggested Word Press as the best blogging site, so I will see how it works (slowly but surely!) This is all new to me, so I appreciate your patience as I learn the in’s and out’s of blogging!

Just thought I would start off by introducing myself! My name is Megan (duh?) I am 24 years old (wow I can’t believe I am that old already!) I live in London (Canada- not UK!) I go to the University of Western Ontario (the Harvard of Canada….maybe?) I am studying Sociology and Psychology (but don’t worry I am not going to blog about the Freud man or correlations in world population trends.) I am more here to blog about myself (which could be good, or really boring) and cool things that I find? I don’t know really, we will have to wait and see where this goes!

I just bought my first house in July with my boyfriend Justin (we have been together for about 4 years ish). I am addicted to reality tv (so I will probably blog a lot about that). I love music, ugg boots, beauty products, fashion, shopping, and life!

That’s a quick little bio about me, I won’t go into too much, or I will have nothing else to blog about.

Not sure if you friend me? Fan me? Follow me? Subscribe to me? Either way, if you want to go on this journey with me, please jump on board! Leave me a message or comment or sign my guestbook (do those still exist?????) letting me in on the dirty of Word Press. Any helpful advice you might have? How to get a cool theme (because all the ones I searched were pretty cheesy with extra cheese).

I want to give a big thanks to google chrome for underlining all of my spelling mistakes! Thank goodness I am not using Internet Explorer or you probably wouldn’t have understood half of what I just typed!

Welcome to my world, my name is Megan! Let’s get it started in here!

I will leave you with this poll (be nice!)