April 6, 2010

My Review

Posted in Personal at 2:23 am by Megan


By meguwo from London, Ontario, Canada on 4/6/2010


5out of 5

Pros: Comfy light slimming

Best Uses: Shopping class

I LOVE these Uggs. I own 9 pairs of Uggs (mainly cardies and classics and the lo pro denim.) They are very comfy and slim your foot (compared to the classics.)

WARNING: These fit TRUE TO SIZE. I am naturally a size 9, but I order a size 8 in the classics and the cardies. BUT- I AM A SIZE 9 in the LO PRO! Make sure you do NOT ORDER DOWN A SIZE!

Also, these are more slim fitting then the classics, so if you have a wider foot you may have issues.

I am in love with these Uggs, you can leave them up, or roll them down for a completely different look. It’s nice to have something different that no one else seems to have.

They are very light and breathable- you can wear them in warmer weather- there isn’t heaving sheepskin lining in them (like the classics!)

I can’t wait to order my next pair! (The denim ones are SO cool- I suggest getting them if you can’t decide!)

Hope this helps 🙂
Megan xo.



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